Dr David Harris

This was the first doctorate that the Metallurgy Department awarded, a fact of which I remain very proud. The rugby photo was taken at the Acton site. If you are able to put names on faces here are two of them to start with. The captain with the ball, sitting next to Dr J Topping, is my friend David Davies, and sitting on the right hand end is another friend, Tony Pennelli. Both of them were in Metallurgy and graduated in 1963.I recognise the other players but I can’t offer any names. As far as I remember the rugby guys were up and running as a CAT club before any other sport although I did get involved in a couple of hockey games and I organised some bridge but it wasn’t a recognised club.

Name: Dr David Harris

Country: UK

Left Brunel: 1969

Course: BTech & PhD Metallurgy

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