Brian (Fingers) Wiseman

Do these jog your memory?
• The Fiat 500 that appeared on the stage in the refectory on the 6th floor in Acton?
• “The Mayor of Bayswater has got a pretty daughter and…” the Six Bells was a favourite haunt for JJ to lead the singing as we, once again, tried to drink it dry.
• Isambardina, our 8′ dinosaur was seen speeding round the North Circular perched on the back seat of a Morris Minor convertible driven by Keith V. This followed a phone call from the Natural History Museum complaining that our mascot had been found on their doorstep – apparently left there by Kingston CAT.
• The Saturday afternoons in the Hall of Residence kitchens screen printing posters with Steve N.
• The Saturday evening Tea and Monopoly parties and the large quantities of pancakes consumed.
• The duplicate master key that was cut to get access to the hall roofs in the summer.
• The bus service between Uxbridge and Acton that the students took over and ran economically – the university admin office had tried and failed.
• The black sweater worn by Roy B. that had to be surgically removed when he graduated!
• The morning that Chas R. woke up and found his bed had been moved into the middle of the lawn – with him asleep in it.
• Isambardina was last seen on Graduation Day in 1968 on the roof of the Physics Lecture Theatre – even with her elongated tail and electronically alarmed plinth, she was a nimble creature.

Lastly, a sobering thought. I dug out the paper I wrote for my final year project recently – and found it almost incomprehensible. I wonder what has happened to the brain cells that were responsible for it.

Name: Brian (Fingers) Wiseman

Country: United Kingdom

Position: Past Student

Left Brunel: 1968

Course: 1964-1968 Electrical Engineering

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