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Grow2Build: A European Centre of Excellence

An intensive R&D programme working on the transition from an oil-based economy towards a bio-based economy

The department of Civil Engineering is proud to present its newly established European Centre of Excellence at Brunel University London.
Grow2Build focuses on the integration of local sustainable cultivation of resources and establishes sustainable supply chains of biomaterials
in this future-oriented economy.

Grow2Build finds solutions for diverse challenges on technical, logistical, quality and commercial levels and tackles the bottlenecks through:

  1. facilitating product chain development
  2. optimisation and technical development of processing
  3. product innovation of bio-based building materials and
  4. development of demand with information and guidance so that this bio‑economical business can develop in a sustainable and profitable way.

The European Centre of Excellence will become the focal point for technical consultancy and the dissemination of technical information to the building industry. It will provide the physical evidence of eco-building materials and facilitate training and study exchange.

The centre can be seen as a platform where demonstration, guidance and education on hemp and flax bio-based materials are permanently available, with the manufacturers as the main target group for this centre.

Our research programmes for the above actions include:

1)      Positioning the UK as a World Leader in Innovative Plant Processing (Technology Foresight Challenge 1996)

2)      ‘NATCOM’ Optimally Efficient Production of High Strength Natural Fibre Composites (2004)

3)      Composite Products from Recycle Cellulosic Materials (2006)

4)      Best Value from UK Timber in Construction: Innovation in Natural Fibre Composites (2008)

5)      EU ‘PANELS’: Enhancing the Efficiency and Competitiveness of Natural Fibre Composites in Construction (2010)

6)      EU ‘CELLUWOOD’: Laminated Strong Eco‑material for Building Construction Made of Nano-cellulose-strengthened Renewable Materials (2011)

7)      EU ‘Grow2Build’ Local Cultivated Hemp and Flax as Resources for Bio‑based Building Materials (2014)

Further information about the Grow2Build project and the European Centre of Excellence can be found by visiting the following:



Professor Mizi Fan
Director, Grow2build

Seyed Hamidreza Ghaffar
Manager, Grow2Build

Hassan Ahmad
Researcher, Grow2build

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