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Solveiga Pakstaite’s innovative new bio-reactive food expiry label

Bump Mark is a food expiry label which provides real-time information about the condition of food, according to the environmental conditions that a food package is exposed to.

47 Bump MarkUsing gelatine to model the decay process of food, Bump Mark is able to tell you exactly the condition your food is in, simply by running your finger over the label. If it’s smooth, then you’re good to go, but if you start to feel bumps as the gelatin breaks down, be cautious.

So how does it work? Gelatine is set over a bumpy plastic sheet. Because jelly is solid when it sets, the bumps cannot be felt at first. As the gelatine decays, it becomes a liquid when it expires. This means that the bumps underneath can be felt, letting you know that it has expired.

Gelatine is protein, so it decays at the same rate as protein-based foods. The label simply copies what the food in the package is doing, so the expiry information is going to be far more accurate than a printed date.

Bump Mark currently has a patent pending, and Solveiga is in talks with top food packaging companies who wish to use the technology on their products.

Bump Mark won the Inclusive Design Award by Made in Brunel, and was also presented with the UK National James Dyson Award 2014.

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