42 – Advanced Multimedia Engineering

Discovery Trail 42 (Michael Sterling Atrium, ground floor, video)

3D Digital Media Acquisition, Processing, Delivery and Visualisation

Semantic-Based Media Search Engine

trail no 42 RUSHES Block Diagram

The RUSHES technology developed by the Centre for Media Communications Research at Brunel enables indexing, accessing and delivering of raw, unedited AudioVisual media within the Broadcast industry. It facilitates video content search based on semantics as well as video content browsing and summarisation. It uses multi-model analysis to facilitate video clustering and video recommendation. Such technology is widely utilised in today’s multimedia smart devices as well as Internet technologies such as YouTube, Netflix and Google videos.

The RUSHES technology has immense impacts on today’s society and lifestyle and, in particular, smart connected technologies, wearable technologies and Internet of things.

Holoscopic 3D video acquisition and display

trail no 42 Holosocpic3DImage

The 3DVIVANT completed within the Centre for Media Communications developed an advanced 3D video technology, known as Holoscopic 3D imaging, for light field live 3D video acquisition, processing, delivery and display.

trail no 42 AR Holoscopic 3D 2The Brunel team has made a breakthrough contribution by developing scalable holoscopic 3D imaging and display sensors with innovative algorithms for robust 3D visual engineering that advance today’s healthcare, education, manufacturing, entertainment and security applications.

The 3DVIVANT technology enables the acquisition of multi-format digital video content such as 2D, Stereoscopic 3D, Multiview 3D and holoscopic 3D using a single aperture 3D camera.

The Brunel team has prototyped a holoscopic lens adaptor for the ARRI ALEXA camera. ARRI manufactures the most expensive cameras in the world and their cameras are rented and used in Hollywood movie industries.


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