11 – Annie Shunmugum from Madras, Maria Grey College student 1882

Discovery Trail 11 (Eastern Gateway Building Display Cabinets, University Archives)

11 Object 11 Annie Shunmugum of MadrasAnnie Shunmugum was a Maria Grey College student in 1882. She came from the Government Female Normal School in Madras, India. Her fees were paid for by the Carpenter Trust formed by Mary Carpenter, an advocate of female education in India. Unfortunately, there are no records to show what happened to Annie when she left the College.

The College regularly enroled students from India, usually daughters of British families resident in India, but also Indian students, many of whom were sponsored by the Indian government. From 1904, two students per year were sent over from India to Maria Grey College to be trained as teachers, in order to go back and train teachers themselves in Bengal and Bombay.

On completion of their studies, many of Maria Grey College students travelled to India to work. The earliest known examples of these are Emily White, who finished her studies in 1880 and went to Calcutta, becoming headmistress of a mission school for Indian girls; Amy Arnold (1885) who became principal of the Girls’ School in Madras and F Francis (1888) who became Inspector of Female schools in the Punjab.

The photograph is from a collection of individual ‘cigarette card’ style photos. The students would have swapped the photographs amongst themselves as mementoes, as well as giving one to the College.

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